SOS: ‘Sinister is Ottawa Stalled

Calgary-bound Vancouver rockers Bend Sinister are on their way back across Canada to round out a very long cross-continent tour, but have encountered a small problem in Ottawa. Their van has developed some transmission issues, and they’re faced with a $3500 repair bill. If you would like to help out and get the band back on the road towards their March 31st show in Calgary at the Ship & Anchor, you can put a couple of buck on their Paypal campaign. Every little bit helps!

UPDATE: The band’s Facebook page says they hope to have the van back on the road by tonight, when they’ll test the new transmission with a solid 20h drive from Windsor to Winnipeg. (8:45am, 3/26/13)

Via email: “Thanks a lot for your help. We just got news that the transmission will be finished today, so we can drive thru the night to make our next show in winnipeg, only 22H away… It costs a horrific 3700$ taxes in, but with all the donations, we’ve raised just over half the money which is a huge help.”

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