Bradshaw’s “Big Town” Debut a Happy Hit

If you’ve seen some of Trinity Bradshaw‘s recent local performances, you can testify to her energy and pop-country appeal. You can hear the slight celtic history in her pure Canadiana sound, bringing a warmth that practically screams Prince Edward Island. Equal parts country, pop and pure fun, Bradshaw knocks it out of the park on her first try with a catchy little tune and a nice, neat little linear video story.

Her cross-country journey brought her to Calgary in 2011, and her first music video “Big Town” shows a big talent coming from a small town. Trinity’s got that small-town sincerity and sweetness, and if this first release is any indication, her big dreams are going to lead to a stellar upcoming album and a lot of great local shows (none posted on her website for Calgary yet, but we’ll keep looking!)