Rocking Escorts in the Basement (And Learning to Pronounce Sequicon)

I headed out to Costello’s Sports Lounge to check out The Escorts and Sequicons. I had yet to hit a show at Costello’s and was pleasantly surprised by the great atmosphere and friendly staff. The cozy environment was the perfect spot for a rock show on a snowy winter night.

The Sequicons (having trouble with the name? Think sequins and Converse shoes) started out the night. They are a two piece band, Nicola plays bass and is lead vocals, Jen is on drums. Before they started I kept waiting to see who else was going to hit the stage. I realized it was the two of them with no guitar and was totally intrigued. They started their first song and I was struck by Nicola’s incredible vocals. On top of that, I loved the bass/drum combo. It sounded raw and powerful and I was totally into it. They played a short set which I was a bit disappointed by but only because I wanted to hear more. Nicola has great stage presence and she is also bold and quick witted making the band even more engaging to watch. Overall, these gals are a great time and I am looking forward to checking them out again soon. If you want to hear more from these ladies watch for their EP set to be released in March.

The Escorts hit the stage next. They described their sound as 70’s punk n’roll and they totally delivered. They’re a fun band to watch and are great at engaging their audience. By the end of the night there were even some people moshing. This took a lot of dedication given the size of the crowd, because it was more like a few people body checking each other really hard. They were clearly having a good time and were really into the band. All solid musicians their set was tight and the lead singer rocked out without taking himself too seriously. He even managed to keep his sense of fun when a rowdy crowd member (probably one of the moshers) grabbed his package!

I enjoyed their set but I think my favourite song was Rock N Roll King. It’s fast paced, high energy vibe got me going and the lead vocals were totally solid.

If you want to have a great night out, I think the Escorts are the band for you, a good time is guaranteed. As I discovered, googling the Escorts can be an interesting experience, so I suggest liking their Facebook page for updates. You will want to be at their next show! I just know it!