New Reviewer – Angela U.

Who Are You?
Angela U., music lover, creative writer, gamer, roller derby girl, social worker and communicator.

Music Cred?
I love to listen to a lot of it, mostly the industrial/electronic, classic rock, indie, and folk genres. I pick up my acoustic guitar every month or so to relearn two chords. I used to play piano when I was younger and pretend that I can sing sometimes, however that’s been met with some sort of fruit and/or vegetable being thrown at me. I played ukulele in grade four, and the clarinet in grade seven. I’m sure this all counts as music cred. Right?

Best of Calgary’s music scene?
I like Dicken’s Pub. They aren’t as well-known which means they’re not always insanely packed (however they are becoming increasingly popular), and they bring in live industrial bands, which is swell.

What are you getting out of this?
A chance to combine two loves of mine; writing and music. I get to seek out the coolest that yyc has to offer! Who wouldn’t want to do this?