Crowdfunding Calgary Music

Okay, so you’re a big supporter of the Calgary music scene, right? You go to the shows, and you buy the merch and a copy of the newest album (b’cuz pirating local stuff sucks). You follow bands on Facebook, you read their tweets and watch their YouTube videos. You read all the music-themed papers in town, and hit all the websites (welcome!). But there’s another way that you can support your local musicians, in a very direct and obvious way.

Bands have been flocking to sites like GoFundMe, IndieGoGo and Kickstarter since they launched, and for good reason. While coming up with the actual music is hard enough, imagine adding the challenge of securing financing to make a master recording, produce and tidy up the sounds, produce a run of discs, pay for promotions and a halfway decent tour van, and so on. There are a lot of ways that musicians bleed out the cash, and the opportunity to get fans and supporters to chip in before they even hear a note of a new project not only helps the band, it creates a closer relationship for fans. They get to feel like an integral part of the creative process, and the band gets cash money to let them concentrate on the artistic process.

Of course, Kickstarter is the big kid on the block, but has historically placed a lot of roadblocks in the way of Canadians who want to use their service; as a result, sites like IndieGogo have become a lot more popular up here. And recently, the crowdfunding options have become a lot more local, when InvestYYC came on the scene.

So, if you want to go the extra step to help fund some amazing Calgary talent, here are some of the available crowdfunding options:

WCMA Classical Music Showcase: The Western Canadian Music Awards are coming to Calgary this year, and this InvestYYC is looking to raise $3,000 over the next two months to help put together a concert full of Western Canadian talent. $25 gets you a heartfelt thank you in their Showcase Program.

Calgary Fiddler’s Association: They’re looking to Spread Fiddle Music by turning $11,000 in crowd funding into a series of edu-taining fiddle shows for Calgary students. $20 gets you a variety of shout-out on Facebook, Twitter and their web site.

Music of the Spheres: Looking to raise more than half their $10,000 goal in a little over a month, Cum Vino Cantus is looking to perform a “collaborative, multi-media experience performed at Mount Royal University’s Wright Theatre.” Just $10 gets you a thank-you in the program.

Jenny: In 24 days, they want to finish raising $5,000 to work with Joey Keithley of DOA and Sudden Death Records for a release; Steve Kravac for production and mixing; and Michael Hateley, the “award-winning audio mastering engineer.” They offer a “bribe-free” $5 donation option for those who just straight-up love their music.

Ellen Doty: 45 days remain in Ellen‘s bid to raise $10,000 to fund a new recording, help pay for a release show at the Plaza, and contribute to a Western Canadian tour. $5 gets you an early bird download of her first single “That’s Love”, available April 2nd on iTunes.

Jung People: There are just six days remaining to get in and contribute to Jung People‘s campaign to fund a new album; if they reach their goal, they’ve vowed to donate 100% of the album sale profits to R.A.S.T.A. $10 gets you a pre-release album download.

Scythia: In 17 days, metal band Scythia (seen above) hopes to have reached their $2,100 goal to fund what they’re calling an “epic fantasy music video with a reknowned director Richard Olak.” For $2, they’ll give you a shout-out on the social media scene.