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Launched in 2013, Earbender (formerly YYCMusic) is a hyperlocal music review site whose sole focus is the amazing diversity of Calgary’s music scene. We aim to celebrate every aspect of song and performance in Calgary, from the unsigned indie band to the high school choir, from the big names to the classical concerts, and the best venues and labels that showcase our sounds.

We understand that local organizations are always looking to improve their reach, and advertising with Earbender can help to reach a very specific audience. As such, we only accept ads that make sense for our mandate. If you are a local music venue, bar, restaurant, label, band, or other musical entity that exists within the city of Calgary, we would love to help you reach out.

We do not have an ad rate sheet; instead, we offer a barter system for advertisements on our site (stuff we can turn around and give out to our readership, ways to thank our volunteer contributors, donations to awesome local charities, etc)  Please contact us at for more information.


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